Mayer Siloking PREMIUM 14 M³

Císlo UEL2933018
Cena vcetne DPH 16 % 15.486 €
Cena bez DPH 13.350 €
Výrobek Mayer Siloking
Model PREMIUM 14 M³
Rok výroby 2012
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Typ: Použitý stroj
Výrobek: Mayer Siloking
Model: PREMIUM 14 M³
Rok výroby: 2012


Mayer Siloking feed mixer
Standard equipment
Additional slider at the rear centre
Hydraulic changeover Manual gearbox
Wide angle drive shaft
Air brake 2-circuit
Support foot hydraulic
Magnet mounted on worm
Tyres 215/75 R17.5
5 functions mechanical Operation Rocker arm
infinitely variable adjustment of belt speed.
Screw armouring Silonox
Front conveyor belt and transfer stairs
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