Claas Axion 870 Cmatic

Císlo SAL108238
Cena vcetne DPH 19 % 184.331 €
Cena bez DPH 154.900 €
Výrobek Claas
Model Axion 870 Cmatic
Rok výroby 2017
Provozní hodiny 1355
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Typ: Použitý stroj
Výrobek: Claas
Rok výroby: 2017
Provozní hodiny: 1355
S posilovacem: 217 KW (295 k)
Rychlost km/hod.: 50


Claas Tractor
as standard
Business equipment package:
- Rear window wiper incl. side wipers
to the right
- Rear view mirror incl. wide angle mirror
Electr. adjustable, heated
- Terminal holder (mounting rail)
- Removable storage box, left
- 12x Halogen worklights, roof
- LED worklights 2x each at the
Front indicators and rear mudguard
- climate control
- MP3 radio with Bluetooth, USB and FB
thru axle.10-hole rims,externalbr.2,50m
Tires. 600/70 R30 Trelleborg TM1000-IF
Tires. 710/70 R42 Trelleborg TM1000 HP
Tyres on fixed rims
Claas Navigation Calculator
Correction signal RTK Net
S10 Terminal
Activation GLONASS
Activation RTK
Hydraulic top link, long, catch hook cat. 3
Ball hitch K80 incl. towing eye
5 control units, electro-hydraulic (CEBIS)
2 plug-in connections/1 return at the front
PTO shaft 540 Eco + 1000/1000 Eco rpm
Driver's seat, active suspension incl. seat
heating and air conditioning
50 km/h sticker
Maxi-Care 1+1 year 500 h/a,SB 150 EUR
R+M Tyre Pressure Regulator "Profi"
front and rear
Additional screw compressor with 2800l/min
effective conveying capacity via LS hydraulic
iPad Mini 2 16 GB for wireless communication
Double-acting wheel-noise control
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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Klimatizace Klimatizace
Kontrolní systém tlaku vzduchu v pneumatikách Kontrolní systém tlaku vzduchu v pneumatikách
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