Claas Arion 660 Cmatic Cebis

Císlo ATC15355
Cena vcetne DPH 19 % 140.420 €
Cena bez DPH 118.000 €
Výrobek Claas
Model Arion 660 Cmatic Cebis
Rok výroby 2018
Provozní hodiny 321
Další informace
Typ: Použitý stroj
Výrobek: Claas
Rok výroby: 2018
Provozní hodiny: 321
S posilovacem: 151 KW (205 k)
Rychlost km/hod.: 50
Zdvihový objem: 6788


Claas all-wheel trailer in series
Business equipment package
Automatic climate control, incl. preparation for
activated charcoal filter
Removable storage box, left
Electric mirror, incl.
wide-angle mirror
LED worklight 2x indicator holder
and 2x rear mudguards
MP3-Radio with Bluetooth, USB and
remote control
GPS READY equipment package
Preparation GPS PILOT S7/S10
ISOBUS pre-fitting
Terminal holder, top
Agritechnica Edition
Hydraulic system Load.sensing 150 l/min
Front axle PROACTIV with wet
multiple disk brakes
600/65 R28 Trelleborg / FF
650/65 R42 Trelleborg / FF
CLAAS front linkage 4.0 t
Front PTO 1000 rpm.
External actuation for front linkage
and electrical control unit
Lower link side stabilizers, auto.
Drawbar with draw ball for
Standard hitch block
4 + 2 Control units, electro-hydraulic
Central axis control units with assignment
Front linkage and 1x double-acting front linkage
Gear ratio 50 km/h
Front mudguard, swivelling, 620 mm
Steering angle sensor for PROACTIV
Front axle braked
Fuel tank 370 l
Widening of the fender to 2.55 m
outer width
Driver's headlights, 2x cab handle.
Cigarette lighter and ashtray
Sticker 50 km/h
2 rotating warning lights
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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