Claas Jaguar 870

Císlo SAL116093
Cena vcetne DPH 19 % 278.460 €
Cena bez DPH 234.000 €
Výrobek Claas
Model Jaguar 870
Rok výroby 2015
Provozní hodiny 740
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Typ: Použitý stroj
Výrobek: Claas
Model: JAGUAR 870
Rok výroby: 2015
Provozní hodiny: 740
S posilovacem: 440 KW (598 k)
Rychlost km/hod.: 40


used forage harvester
800/65 R32 Mitas AC70 H
600/65-26.5 Alliance
all-wheel drive
automatic counterblade adjustment
Drum V28 Claasic
Corn Cracker MCC L 110/145 teeth
electric-hydraulic cracker adjustment
Accelerator gap setting, manual
climate control
Electric and heated rear-view mirrors
Radio / MP3
Opti Fill
rear camera
professional cam
Lighting High End
air blast fanfare
auxiliary fuel tank
auto pilot
Automatic central lubrication system
Orbis 750 I5201306

Area: approx. 1,070 ha
Drumming hours: 555 hours
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