Fendt 828 Vario S4 Profi Plus

Císlo ATC15296
Cena vcetne DPH 19 % 218.960 €
Cena bez DPH 184.000 €
Výrobek Fendt
Model 828 Vario S4 Profi Plus
Rok výroby 2018
Provozní hodiny 564
Další informace
Typ: Použitý stroj
Výrobek: Fendt
Rok výroby: 2018
Provozní hodiny: 564
S posilovacem: 211 KW (287 k)
Rychlost km/hod.: 40
Zdvihový objem: 6057


AGCO/ Fendt All Wheel Tow Tractor
fuel prefilter
standard fan
Planetary rear axle
40 km/h - Version
MZW 540E/1000 rpm Flange-ZW
Flange pin 1 3/4" 6-piece
Flange pin 1 3/8" 6 pieces
EHR control single-acting linkage
Three-point cat. 2/3 SK without top link
Upper link SK hydraulic cat. 3/2/ 90
Front linkage Cat. 2
Ball sleeve cat.3/2 1 pair for lower part SK
Ball sleeve cat.3 1pair to lower part SK
Ball sleeve Cat.3/2 for top link SK
Ball sleeve Cat.3 for top link SK
Auxiliary valve double acting 1/4 rear DUDK # 140 l
Additional valve double acting 1/7 Front
Rear return pressureless
Front return
Hydr. connection double acting 1/1 -1/3 rear DUDK 140l
Hydraulic pump 205 l/min
power beyond
Lacquering Nature Green/Rims Terra Red
Front pane ESG
rear window
Wipe and wash in the back
SuperComfort seat Evolution dynamic / Compressed air
Passenger seat Comfort
Front mirrors
storage box
Floor mat cabin
Universal holder for mobile phone
Steering wheel incl. twist grip
Attachment bracket
Roof hatch VarioGuide
Cab suspension pneumatic
Electr. rear view mirror + wide-angle mirror
Additional front lighting
Corner lights
Worklights Roof front inside
Work lamp roof front
AB-headlight A-pillar + rear fender
Taillight / turn signal standard
Low beam and high beam
AB-headlight roof rear / 2 pairs
Vario terminal 10.4
#Start immobilizer
Battery disconnector electric
Radio - CD MP3 with hands-free kit
2 coaxial loudspeakers additionally
LED rotating beacon left
LED rotating beacon right
ProfiPlus Version
Variotronic device control
VarioGuide Controller GSM
Steering system RTK VarioGuide NovAtel
Load weight rear wheels 2 x 300 kg
dual-circuit brake
Compressed air 2-pipe system for trailers
Compressed air 1-pipe system for trailers
Automatic trailer hitch 38 mm pin
ball coupling
Additional tool box
Bottom hitch Attachment parts
Ball forced steering left
Ball forced steering right
Approval to 16.0 t Permissible total weight
600/70R30 158D TB -50 10 double acting 20AX30
650/85R38 173D TB -80 10 double actingW23AX38
2030 mm Front track
2050 mm Rear track
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